UpExpress $80 /Monthly
UpPremium $116 /Monthly
or $129 (monthly)

Unparalleled POS Features

Uptech Checkout
Shipping provider
Credit card on file
Sales rep tracking
Register count (Z count)
Item database
Bulk import
Bulk edit items
Price rules and coupons
Gift cards
Inventory tracking
Customer database
Supplier database
Purchase orders
Bulk purchase orders
Customer orders
Transaction explorer
Detailed P&L
Business analytics
Auto pricing calculation
Multiple users
User security groups 2 users 5 users
QuickBooks integration
Email and text receipts Add-on* Add-on*
Picture features Add-on* Add-on*

*Add-ons: $10 each. Must have UpPremium.

Processing fees: $2.69 + $0.15 (card not present: $2.90 + $0.30.) per transaction. $15 monthly + applicable fees.

POS machines: Starting at $1499.

Round the clock customer Service

Combined with 24/7 live customer service, Uptech provides the most advanced POS solution for the retail industry with an easy-to-navigate interface that takes the hassle out of running your business.

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